Microscopes are one of the most important gadgets in the practice of medicine. They are magnifying instruments that help medical professionals see tiny objects such as cells that cannot be observed with naked eyes. The role of microscopes in medicine can be seen in different areas of medical industry. They are mainly used in fields such as;

Dental Care

Magnifying tools such as microscopes play a significant role in dental health. Through magnification, microscope aids the dentist in getting better knowledge of the dental problems. With the help of a microscope, it is very easy for the dentists to detect problems in teeth. Note that the success of dental treatment increases when the problem is identified correctly. However, the microscope needs to be in a better resolution so as to observe even the finest details.


Microscopes are critical instruments when it comes to the practice of medical laboratory. They are used to magnify and observe microscopic cells, bacteria, tissues, viruses just a few to mention. Proper observation of the behaviors of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, helps to find their cures. Microscopes help in all the laboratory analysis.


Most surgical procedures cannot be done without the use of a microscope. They are used to get better magnification. For instance, surgeries of ophthalmology, neurosurgery, pediatric, oral, and plastic surgery require a better view of the cells and tissues of the operating area. This means that such areas cannot be operated without the help of a microscope. Microscopes come with features that increase the resolution of the image. With a better view of the object, it is much possible to carry out the treatment procedure.


Specialists of ears, nose, and throat use magnifying tools for better treatment. During the surgery of these organs, microscope helps to increase the level the safety standards of the patients. These organs are very delicate, and the surgeon needs to sell well what he or she is operating. As aforementioned, microscopes have high illumination features to enhance magnification.

The invention of microscopes in medicine has changed the quality of treatment. Doctors use them to have a close view of body structures that cannot be observed with naked eyes. The laboratory analysis has become much better and effective with magnifying tools. Microscopes not only increase the level of success in treatment but also enhance the skills of medical professionals in their job. With better resolutions, surgeons can perform much better treatments. The role of microscope in medicine is evident since their invention. They have brought massive change in the healthcare field.